two days one night in lesvos


Lesvos (also called Mitilini) is a Greek island located in the northern Aegean Sea. Even though it is a Greek island, it is muck more closer to Turkey rather than Greece. That’s why we went there via ferry from Ayvalık – which took apx 1 hour 30 min. You may also take your car but be careful that the custom process might take longer when you have a car!

We chose a hotel which was close to the center. It was cheap (20 EUR each) but honestly was not a good one. Their credit card machine was broken and the owner was angry when I wanted to pay cash. Weird…


Lesvos is also known for its ouzo (something like Rakı – high alcohol) that’s why we went a place where we could both enjoy Greek mezes and also ouzo. We read some recommendations on Google and chose XXXX. Overall quality was very high. All the portions are too big! and very delicious.  A clean place. We paid 13 EUR each (200 ml ouzo and 6 mezes).


two days one night in lesvos


Be aware:

  • Mosquitos! Do not forget to take spray for them.
  • Taxis are too expensive.
  • All the shops are close during noon – especially btw 14:00-17:00.
  • Portions are too big in the ouzo places.



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